Swamy Ayyappa

Lord Ayyappan

Importance of Pilgrimage

The real purpose of doing the Sabarimala pilgrimage is to realize "Tat-Tvam-Asi", which means our tue nature (Atma) is the Witnessing Consciousness and dynamic Awareness are one and the same and we are not this mortal body and mind. Unfortunately, people go to Sabarimala for getting materialistic wishes granted, boosts their Ego, which is the very opposite of getting liberated form the never ending cycle of birth and death. People has innumerable wishes like to get a better job, house, car, promotion or to overcome physical illness. Even without going to Sabarimala, these things would happen.

The irony is that we go to the right place for a wrong reason. It is as good as going to college to have fun , where the right purpose is to study and gain knowledge. Similarly we go to Sabarimala with the wrong objective. However, the spiritual disciplines observed in Sabarimala Vratham is so powerful that gradually over years wisdom dawns.